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Yiming Launched 2024 Internal Audit

Issuing time:2024-05-31 09:51

In order to verify the operation of the company's management system, from April 25 to 26,based on the quality, environment, occupational health and safety system standards, the 2024 internal audit of the system was carried out. The deputy general manager of administration served as the audit team leader, and the deputy general manager of Production and Technology Department, sales director, financial director, quality management department manager, and economic management department director participated in the internal audit as the chief auditor. Quality Department, production department, warehousing department as the main departments to accept the audit supervision.

Before the start of this internal audit, the heads of each department trained the audit standards and methods to ensure that the audit process met the requirements of the documents. Through the internal audit, the audit team agreed that the company's system operation in line with the standard requirements, the establishment of 19 procedures and the reference of the operating instructions and internal management system and other documents in line with the company operation requirements.

In the next step, the quality management department will summarize the situation found in this audit, and require the relevant departments to complete the rectification within the specified time, and identify the problems in the quality management system through the internal audit, and continue to improve, promote the standardization, procedure, standardization and systematization of each work, so as to further promote the improvement of the company's quality management level.