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Quality Risk Prevention Training Held

Issuing time:2024-03-02 16:01

On the afternoon of November 23rd, Mrs. Chang, the manager of the quality department, presided over a summary and exchange of external quality complaints that occurred since 2023, and conducted a study and discussion on the control of abnormal quality of special products.


The training consisted of two parts. Firstly, the Quality Department summarized and communicated the quality complaints that occurred in 2023, and evaluated the effects of corrective and preventive measures for quality complaints. Secondly, the Quality Department conducted a study and discussion on the recent abnormal quality issues of special products. They also communicated and shared the causes of abnormal index fluctuations and corrective and preventive measures for products such as high-purity silica gel, brown silica gel, color silica gel, liquid sodium silicate, and micro-bead alumina silica gel.

Through the training, everyone became more familiar with the impact of the product production process and each raw material on product indicators, clarified the indicator control requirements of special customers, and clarified the corrective and preventive measures that need to be taken when abnormal quality fluctuations occur. Through training, everyone's theoretical level has been improved, quality control level has been improved, and quality risks have been reduced.

Article classification: Quality, R & D
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