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Yiming Celebrated National Day

Issuing time:2023-11-01 10:01

Oct.1st is China National Day. Yiming company hold celebrations by series of activities, like raising national flag, entertainment and skills competition.


On October 7th, the company held a grand flag raising ceremony, with three flag bearers marching forward to guard the national flag as they entered the venue. Under the attention of everyone, the five-star red flag was solemnly raised. At this solemn and sacred moment, all personnel are filled with emotions and pride. Together, we wish the great motherland prosperity and the people of the whole country happiness and health!


There are three types of cultural and sports activities: tug of war, never falling behind, and absolute execution. Each of them reflects the cohesion of the team, and the team spirit of Yiming is vividly demonstrated. In the skills competition, all contestants carefully prepare and strive to achieve good results in every process, operation step, and link. In the competition, not only do they demonstrate their personal work skills, but also their psychological quality, adaptability, problem-solving ability, expression ability, and other abilities. Through the competition, a group of employees with accumulated knowledge and talent have emerged. The complete success of the skills competition cannot be separated from the active participation of employees. They have clarified their strengths and weaknesses in the competition, and have also pointed out the direction for their future work. At the same time, they have also received the due honors and rewards.


There are gains and shortcomings in this activity. We will guard against arrogance and impatience, work hard, and continue to write a new chapter for Yiming Company under the correct leadership of the company and the joint efforts of all employees. Finally, we send our best wishes with deep affection. May everything be happy, families reunite, mountains and rivers remain unchanged, national fortune move forward, our country and country remain peaceful, and our emotions fill the world. We wish Yiming a brighter tomorrow.