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Police Guide YM on Management of Pernicious and Explosive Chemicals

Issuing time:2023-03-09 14:14

In the afternoon of March 1, the police officer Sui of Dawang Public Security Bureau and his party carried out a special inspection on the precursor and explosive chemicals used by our company, accompanied by the relevant responsible comrades of the company's safety and environmental protection office.

Police officer Sui and his party first checked the use of nitric acid at the site, and checked the control measures, safety operation procedures and site use account at the explosive site. Later, I went to the storage tank farm of the company to check the amount of hydrochloric acid and sulfuric acid, the use process and the operation of the on-site monitoring system. Police officer Sui affirmed the experience and practice of our company in the management of precursor and explosive chemicals, and put forward guiding opinions on the safety problems found.



In the next step, the company will strengthen the supervision and inspection of the use of the company's triacid in strict accordance with the requirements of the superior departments, and do a good job in the management of precursor and explosive chemicals according to the previous high standards and strict requirements, so as to ensure the life safety of employees and the safe and stable operation of the company.