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Yiming Held Flag Raising and Mobilization Ceremony

Issuing time:2023-02-25 15:16

On the eighth day of the first lunar month, all the cadres and staff of Yiming Company lined up in the square in front of the office building to hold the flag-raising ceremony and the 2023 annual New Year start meeting.

The flag-raising ceremony officially began at 8 am. Accompanied by the solemn national anthem, the five-star red flag rose slowly and fluttered over Yiming Enterprise Square. All the people paid attention to the ceremony. The heads of all departments have come to the stage to summarize the completion of the work in 2022, look forward to the work plan in 2023, and swear their determination and confidence to complete the set goals in the new year. The plan of the year depends on the spring. The start is the decisive battle. Whether the decisive battle will start or not, the new day has begun. Yesterday's work has become the past. Make your own work plan, develop and innovate, and strive hard towards our goal.

Next, Mr. Wang Xiuhui, the general manager of the company, delivered an important speech. President Wang pointed out that 2022 is a very challenging and extraordinary year. Faced with the complex and severe development environment and the overlapping risks and challenges, especially the impact of unexpected factors such as traffic and logistics obstruction, personnel restriction, raw material price rise and so on caused by the ups and downs of the epidemic situation, the company's leading team led all employees to work hard and overcome difficulties, ran out of the new speed of Yiming's development, accumulated the new momentum of Yiming's development, and successfully completed the tasks and objectives set at the beginning of the year. This not only includes the responsibility of the company's management cadres, but also permeates the hard work of all employees. It is also the result of the unity and efforts of all the people in Yiming.

The new year has come. With the opening of China's epidemic control, the global silica gel market has undergone tremendous changes and new challenges. We must seize new opportunities, plant new advantages and realize new development in the face of challenges. President Wang stressed that we must grasp the quality control and establish a high-end brand in the silica gel industry. Behind the brand of "Yiming" is not only our corporate culture, business philosophy, innovation awareness, but also our craftsmanship spirit. President Wang also stressed that the bottom line of safety should be kept in mind while doing well in production. Without security, there will be no benefits, and without security, there will be no development. We should keep in mind the basic principles of security: safety first, prevention first, and comprehensive governance. Keep in mind the policy of safe production: production must be safe and safe for production.

At the end of the ceremony, Mr. Xu Huayong, the vice president of the company's administration, gave the flag to Cheng Zemin, the director of the six workshops who won the prize in the 6S site management!