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Organic Solvent Dehydration

Issuing time:2023-01-06 13:46

Organic solvents play a important role in modern industry, and can be used in chemical industry, medicine, tanning industry, metallurgy and electronics and many other fields. Some applications present higher requirements for the purity of organic solvents, so that dehydration and purification of organic solvents are required.

Molecular sieve is a kind of Aluminosilicate, mainly composed of silicon aluminum connected through the oxygen bridge to form an empty skeleton structure, there are many holes of uniform aperture and holes neatly arranged, large inner surface area. It also contains water with low electricity and large ion radius. Because the water molecules are lost continuously after heating, but the crystal skeleton structure remains unchanged, forming many cavities of the same size, many microholes connected with the same diameter, the material molecules smaller than the aperture diameter are absorbed in the cavity, excluding the molecules larger than the aperture, thus separating the molecules of different sizes, until the action of the sieve molecules, so called the molecular sieve.

YM molecular sieve, mainly used for the drying of petroleum cracking gas, olefin, gas refinery and oil field gas, is an industrial desiccant for chemical industry, medicine and hollow glass.

Main uses:

1、Dry of liquids, such as ethanol.

2、Air drying in the insulating glass

3、Dry of nitrogen-hydrogen mixed gas

4、Dry of refrigerant

YM molecular sieve with 4A, aperture that can adsorb water, methanol, ethanol, hydrogen sulfide, sulfur dioxide, carbon dioxide, ethylene, propylene, do not adsorb any molecules greater than 4A in diameter, and the selective adsorption performance of water is higher than any other molecule.

It is mainly used for natural gas and various chemical gases and liquids, refrigerant, drugs, electronic materials and volatile substances drying, argon purification, separation of methane, ethane propane.

YM molecular sieve

Main uses:

1、Natural gas drying, desulfurization, and removal of carbon dioxide;

2、Nitrogen and oxygen separation, nitrogen and hydrogen separation, oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen production;

3、Normal and structural hydrocarbons were separated from branched hydrocarbons and cyclic hydrocarbons.

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