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Silica Gel Knowledge Training Held

Issuing time:2022-08-16 08:26Author:Fu Guitao

On August 13, 2022, the technical personnel of the R & D Department of the company held training on silicone product knowledge for all personnel of the sales center, quality inspection center, R & D department, central control department, manufacturing center and some management personnel of the production center in the conference room on the fourth floor of the science and technology building.


Mr Sun Mingcheng, engineer of R & D department, firstly introduced silica gel and its development and status in China: silica gel is an adsorption material with microporous structure, and its components are silica and a certain amount of structural water; Silica gel is a series of products. In its production process, people can form products with different microporous structures by controlling different process conditions, that is, they have different physical characteristics of microporous structure, specific surface area and pore volume, so as to adapt to different application fields. Silica gel is a colloid with three-dimensional network structure and solid properties. The best characteristic of silica gel is its high specific surface area. We can use the surface activity of silica gel to carry out surface coating or chemical bond and modification treatment, so that silica gel can be applied to a wider range of fields.


Next, Mr. Sun explained the classification of silica gel: silica gel series products prepared by the neutralization reaction of sodium silicate and sulfuric acid and reprocessed products with basic silica gel as raw materials. Type a silica gel with standard density is classified according to the preparation method and pore structure, and according to the application field or use mode, which is usually called fine pore silica gel. Including spherical and massive. Medium density type C and type B silica gel. Type C refers to coarse porous silica gel, which has three types: spherical, microsphere and block, and low density macroporous silica gel. This kind of silica gel is characterized by high pore volume, low particle density and low density macroporous silica gel. This kind of silica gel is characterized by high pore volume and low particle density.

Through this training, all departments of the company have a deeper understanding and understanding of the production and application of silica gel, and have a new understanding of future production operations. It is believed that the work quality and efficiency from production to sales will be further improved in the future production process.