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R&D: FNG Water-resistant Silica Gel

Issuing time:2022-08-11 16:35

In the face of fierce market competition, in 2022, our company developed new products, released new processes and introduced advanced production equipment. Now, we have successfully mass produced fng water-resistant silica gel of various specifications and high quality. According to the company's new product orders, the personnel of the R & D department and the production department of the company have a high degree of unity of thinking and understanding, "caring for customers and making excellent products". They face the hot and hot weather, jointly conduct public relations, carefully sort out the process and operation process from the actual situation of the production site, carry out research and breakthroughs on equipment and technical problems, and go all out to ensure the timely delivery of orders.


Fng water-resistant silica gel is white or gray microporous particles, which are divided into block and spherical. This product is a kind of silica gel formed by powder processing. In addition to the ordinary silica gel adsorption performance, it also has the advantages of good water resistance, low crushing rate and long service life. This product is mainly used for air drying in the air separation process, acetylene adsorption in the preparation of liquid air and liquid oxygen, drying of compressed air and various industrial gases, liquid adsorbent and catalyst carrier in petrochemical, electric power, brewing and other industries, water purification in water treatment, buffer desiccant and silica sand for ordinary silica gel protective bed. The company's existing fng water-resistant silica gel product specifications are fng - Ⅰ, fng - Ⅱ and fng - Ⅲ, which can be trial manufactured or produced according to the indicators or specifications required by customers.