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Flag-raising Ceremony Held on Army Day

Issuing time:2022-08-02 15:20Author:_ Fu Zhi Hui _

Today is the 95th anniversary of the founding of the Chinese people's Liberation Army. This morning, the morning glow is reflected in the East, the sun of the new day is rising, and the golden light shines on the earth.

At 8 a.m., sonorous footsteps sounded in the company square. All the staff lined up neatly, and the national flag guard marched to the national flag platform with positive steps.

"Salute the national flag!" With a loud command, the flag guards and all staff saluted and played the march of the volunteers. The flag raiser raised the national flag high, and the bright five-star red flag waved in the wind, slowly rising in the solemn national anthem of the audience.

With the flag rising slowly, all employees welcomed the sharing moment of Yiming enterprise's good performance in July with great excitement - amoeba business analysis excellent Ba Chang's experience, from which we learned a lot of practical experience. The company began to implement 6S management at the end of June. During the promotion and implementation of this month, the packaging workshop of the third workshop of the manufacturing center took the fastest response, cooperation and implementation into the promotion work, and actively cooperated, improved and improved various works in the promotion work. It won the excellent workshop of 6S on-site improvement in July. Lu Xueqin, the responsible director of the packaging workshop, came to the stage to share his acceptance speech. At the same time, the company awarded the "health flow red flag" to the three workshop packaging workshop.

At the 95th week of the founding of the Chinese people's Liberation Army, we should further carry forward the fine tradition and style of the army, carry forward the patriotic dedication of soldiers, set an example, set an example, work hard, work hard and contribute, and play a positive role in the sustainable development of our company. Ex serviceman Wang Junbo made a speech on behalf of the new Chinese and old ex servicemen. Times have changed. What remains unchanged is the spirit of servicemen, who will continue to make new contributions to the motherland and the continuous development of Yiming.

Today is the 95th anniversary of the founding of the Chinese people's Liberation Army, and there are many veterans in our company. Today is their festival. I also hope you to inherit and carry forward the revolutionary tradition and fine style of the army, maintain the good quality of soldiers, give full play to their advantages, take the lead in setting an example, work hard, work hard and contribute, and make new contributions to the successful completion of various work tasks and the continuous development of Yiming, The company also prepared a beautiful gift for veterans.

At the end of the flag raising activities on August 1st, our veterans, old squad leaders and old leaders shared our experience and pointed out the methods and directions for our work.

Today's company cannot live without the joint efforts of everyone. We should focus on the big picture, start from the small, and pay attention to every detail of our work. In the long run, it will help to develop a sense of responsibility. Let the sense of responsibility become a strong consciousness in the minds of every employee, going deep into every node and every corner of the work. Let the responsibility transform into a meticulous working attitude, let the sense of responsibility consolidate the road to success of young people in our big family, and exchange hard sweat for a string of rich fruits. In this way, "happy work, happy life" will accompany us every day.

Let's bless our motherland together! Bless our company!