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Safety and Development

Issuing time:2022-07-30 15:54

June 2022 is the 21st national "safety production month", and the theme of safety production month is "abide by the safety production law and be the first responsible person". According to the requirements of our superiors, our company carried out various forms of safety education and publicity activities, carried out monthly special training on safety production organized by the main person in charge, organized all staff to carry out safety production competition activities, and carried out large-scale investigation and treatment of potential safety hazards in the whole plant, which significantly improved the quality of safety production.

For enterprises, we should not only regard safety as cost. Safety is actually competitiveness and benefit. Only by ensuring safety compliance can enterprises develop to a higher quality and a larger scale. We must not be lazy or clever in safety production. Only by being down-to-earth and ensuring the implementation of the concept of safe development can we achieve sustainable development.

Safety production is more important than Mount Tai. The 2022 safety production month activity has ended, but this is only a new starting point for safety production throughout the year. We should always adhere to the policy of "safety production, prevention first, and comprehensive management", earnestly enhance the sense of urgency and mission of safety production, constantly build a strong safety defense line, and resolutely achieve safety production.