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Key to Safe Production

Issuing time:2022-06-23 14:47

Safety production, alarm bells ringing!

In recent years, the company has paid more and more attention to safety and environmental protection, and the requirements have become more and more strict. At the weekly, monthly and even daily shift change meetings, leaders at all levels of the production and manufacturing center always emphasize that safety is the first. Production safety is never a verbal commitment. The key lies in implementation. Every action and every word in our actual work is a permanent manifestation of our responsibility for the enterprise, ourselves and others.

To implement work safety, we must first improve safety awareness and realize the transformation from "I want to be safe" to "I want to be safe". We must conscientiously implement the national and local government guidelines, policies, laws and regulations on work safety, as well as the superior management system on work safety, ensure that safety facilities are in place in a timely manner, and effectively solve safety technical problems. This year, our company has carried out training and Study on safety production for many times, such as: learning the safety law of the people's Republic of China on special equipment, learning the new solid waste law, hazardous waste management, learning how to use electricity safely... Through the training and Study on safety production, our staff have improved their understanding of safety and environmental protection and enhanced their sense of urgency in safety and environmental protection.

To implement work safety, we should establish a sound safety responsibility system. Safety is an all-round work involving all staff, which is closely related to everyone. Responsibility objectives and work pressure should be passed down to every employee. At the same time, we will establish a sound reward and punishment restraint mechanism, conduct strict assessment and hard fulfillment, so as to promote the responsibility to be shared by all employees.

In short, safety is the eternal theme of production. There is only a starting point but no end point. Therefore, the safety production work must be carried out by all employees in an all-round way, strive to enhance the safety and environmental protection awareness of all employees, act in strict accordance with the company's rules and regulations and post operation procedures during production, be concerned about safety, be responsible for yourself, others and the society, and promote the sustainable and stable development of the company's safety and environmental protection.