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Many Silica gel factories closed for environmental protection

Issuing time:2021-09-19 16:03

Recently, the backlog of environmental protection policies in Guangdong has seriously affected the model cities in the Pearl River Delta. In just a few days, many enterprises in Guangdong have been affected and require to improve environmental protection and energy conservation, PM2.5 average concentration limit and 8-hour average limit of ozone. Since the meeting of the Standing Committee of the State Council to study environmental protection, ten implementation measures have been made for the environmental protection work of many enterprises, Pay close attention to the environmental protection work. In Guangdong, many enterprises have been sorted out and rectified, resulting in the rise of raw materials, the rise of the whole industry chain, the closure of many factories and the advance holiday notice of many enterprises. However, for silica gel products manufacturers, they are also affected by the same impact. The upstream silicon raw material supply is unstable, the rise of raw materials and the advance holiday notice of color glue manufacturers!

It is understood that 739 industries have stopped production in Foshan, 23 in Jiangmen and many in Dongguan chemical industry have stopped production for rectification and have a holiday in advance! Almost all the bosses are in a desperate situation. It is understood that these industries have been affected: papermaking, printing, printing and dyeing, coating, aluminum plant, coloring processing plant, ceramics, stainless steel, furniture, plastics, hardware products, jewelry processing, tin related smelting, processing and other industries with serious pollution discharge are the key remediation areas. The main areas are Zhaoqing, Huizhou, Guangzhou, Chaoshan, Qingyuan, Foshan and Dongguan. Since October, the silicone rubber products industry has been spot checked and tested by the Administration for Industry and commerce, the Environmental Protection Bureau and relevant departments. By the end of the year, there has been no calm. It has been wildly spread in the circle of friends in various industries. Today, the company has stopped production, and tomorrow, the manufacturer has stopped production! In the face of the environmental storm, can friends from all walks of life stand firm!

More than 80% of current bosses are facing financial pressure, business difficulties and bankruptcy risk. Especially in recent years, many enterprises have encountered difficulties. Facing the new environment, I am at a loss. If I still follow the original set, it will be more and more difficult to do business. If the transformation to do other things, but they do not understand, just wait and see. At such a transition intersection, the boss is really bitter and worried!

Enterprise bosses should fight, and enterprise employees should fight! You should be glad you still have a job! Work well, live well, cherish what you have, and treat your life and work with a grateful heart! When the shipwreck capsized, the most unlucky is the captain. The crew can run for their lives, but the captain doesn't want his ship! He doesn't ask you to live or die with this ship. The crew can escape, but the captain doesn't want his ship!

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