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Introduction of ​Column chromatography silica gel

Column chromatography silica gel products are made of high-quality silica gel with high transparency, excellent adsorption performance, and ideal separation function for similar properties, structures and even isomers.

Properties of silica gel for column chromatography

Silica gel for column chromatography is white uniform particles, and the main component is silica. It has the characteristics of high purity, safety and health. It is a colloidal system with solid characteristics, which is composed of colloidal particles forming agglutination structure. Colloidal particles are polycondensates of hydrated silica gel (polysilicic acid) and belong to amorphous substances. The gap of the aggregate of colloidal particles forms the microporous structure inside the silica gel particles for reagent column chromatography. Therefore, it is a high-quality adsorption material with rich microporous structure, high specific surface area, high purity and high activity.

The main performance characteristics of reagent column chromatography silica gel -- adsorption characteristics depend on the microporous structure and inner pore surface formed in the production process of raw silica gel.

Application of silica gel for column chromatography

Column chromatography silica gel is used for the separation and purification of effective components of Chinese herbal medicine, the preparation of high-purity substances, the purification of petroleum products, the dehydration and purification of organic substances, and the outstanding advantages of column chromatography silica gel in the application of bioengineering technology.

In the process of raw material production, the acid bubble and aging time are strictly controlled, and the high-temperature calcination technology is adopted. Therefore, the column chromatography silica gel has a rigid skeleton structure, high mechanical strength and can withstand the pressure within 30MPa. Silica gel for column chromatography has good thermal stability and chemical stability. It selectively adsorbs and purifies isomeric components from multicomponent solutions. In the process of preparing column chromatography silica gel, a series of products with average pore diameter of 20a ° - 20000A ° can be produced by controlling different process conditions to adapt to the separation and purification of substances with different properties, molecular weight and molecular structure. The purity of silica gel in column chromatography is more than 99%. Compared with organic column filler, silica gel is a solid colloid with SiO2 as matrix, and its structure is compact. Even if it is directly discarded, organic matter will be lost and pollute the target product.