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Color changing silica gel is an indicator adsorbent with high added value and high technical content, which is based on fine porous silica gel with high activity adsorption material. It is a high-grade adsorption desiccant.

The main feature of the product is that it has strong adsorption of water vapor in medium (such as air or industrial gas) by fine porous silica gel.


Blue silica gel is divided into blue gel indicator, color changing silica gel and blue gel. Its appearance is blue or light blue glassy particles. It can be divided into spherical and massive particles according to the particle shape. It has the characteristic that its color changes from blue to red after moisture absorption. This product is spherical or irregular particles, which can be divided into purple, orange or yellow according to different appearance. Its main component is silica, and its color changes with humidity.

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1. It is mainly used for moisture absorption and rust prevention of instruments, meters and equipment under closed conditions. At the same time, it can directly indicate the relative humidity of the environment by changing its color from blue to red after moisture absorption.

2. It is used together with ordinary silica gel desiccant to indicate the moisture absorption degree of desiccant and judge the relative humidity of the environment.

3. As a silica gel desiccant for packaging, it is widely used in precision instruments, leather, shoes, clothing, household appliances, etc.


The main component of color changing silica gel is cobalt chloride, which has strong toxicity and strong adsorption on water vapor in the air. At the same time, it can show different colors through the change of the amount of cobalt chloride crystal water, that is, the blue before moisture absorption gradually changes into light red with the increase of moisture absorption.